Monkey Safety Net

It's quite common that monkeys play on the tree's stem. If the tree is touching your balcony or building terrace, then monkeys will be troubling you a lot. Mahe safety nets will cover open spaces where monkey often keeps troubling you. These monkey safety nets are made from very strong, powerful and hard materials.
If there are some giant trees around your commercial, residential, industrial, hospital, etc. places. Then please contact us for the monkey safety nets anywhere in Pune. We Mahe safety nets offers monkey safety nets which can protect your open spaces like balconies, terraces, steps, lobby and windows. The moral is without killing or hurting will fix monkey safety nets as permanent solutions.


We offer absolute Free Installation of nets fixing for all types of requirements in anywhere in Chennai


We have become Chennai leading company by providing Best Quality Nets.

Save Maintenance Cost

Pigeon droppings on your car parking , balcony and other open places leads time & effort to maintain.

Benefit of Service

Our Netting solutions provides safety anywhere where heights may present a danger. Due to the use of latest materials and technology, Mahe safety net provides perfect tension and enough strength for your protection. Hence, the net does not block the view from a terrace or window and is barely visible from the outside. It is not as obtrusive as metal bars.